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Dear Friend,

My name is Temeca "Dr. T" Richardson and I am an educator with nearly 15 years of experience in K-12 education. I have taught nearly all levels in education including new teachers and have been an administrator in the elementary, secondary, and post secondary levels.

For years I have searched for materials for my students on Black Inventors and while there has been some information out there, I've never really come across any resources that gave me all that I needed. So, I decided to write the books that I was looking for because I knew that it would help people like you who want more than lists of inventors and inventions.

With the Ultimate Guides to Black Inventors

You will be able to:
  • SAVE TIME by having tons of information right at your fingertips!
  • Add VARIETY to your newsletters!
  • EDUCATE your audience on contributions by Black Inventors!
  • CREATE assignments for students with ease!
See what our satisfied customers have to say:

"I've been an educator for 20 years and this is the first time that I've found a resource that I can use with all levels of students. As a Reading Coach, I need resources that can combine reading, writing, and history in one place! The Ultimate Guides to Black Inventors gives me just that and because the books are written from a different perspective, they give me variety when I need it most!"

-S. Mateo, Reading Coach

"I'm an African American vice principal at an elementary school and I have to say that the Ultimate Guides to Black Inventors have been extremely helpful for me. I work with a high minority population who need to learn more about their culture and their history and these books have given me and my school a fantastic resource. I've used the questions that are in one of the books to challenge my students and I'm finding that they are excited about learning. We also put several questions in our newsletters and many parents have expressed how much they look forward to reading more black history facts! Thanks for giving us something that is useful and practical for our students!

-R. Aguirre, Vice Principal

"I'm a retired teacher, principal, and director of State and Federal Programs. I have always loved history, specifically black history and I have read many books over the years on the subject. I must say that the Ultimate Guides are a comprehensive work that highlights African American Inventors in fields that range from farming, to medicine, from chemistry, to cosmetology and everything in between. If you are interested at any level in Black Inventors (women inventors was my personal favorite), then you should seriously consider having the Ultimate Guides as one of your main resources.

-Dr. A. Watts, Retired Educator

"...my personal favorite with the Black Inventor books is the trivia guide because I am able to use this information for our church newsletter. The questions are great because there are so many and I can use this information for years to come. Thanks for the resources."

-T. Lynn, Church Secretary

"I'm a college student and I've just completed my first year. I personally loved the Ultimate Guide on women inventors because I realized when I was in high school there wasn't a lot of information on famous African American Inventors that I could pull from to write my research papers. In English and History, I always wanted to challenge myself and write about African Americans because I just found a lot of pride in learning about the history of my own people. Except for February, many teachers didn't seem to talk about my history in a positive way and I think that its books like these that will go a long way in giving other kids books that they can use and be proud of.

-V. Kemp, College Student

The Ultimate Guides to Black Inventors is for you if you are:
An Educator
  • Working with high numbers of African American students and you want to empower them.
  • Studying cultures in America and need the most comprehensive information on African American Inventors.
  • Doing a project on African Americans and you want your students to venture past Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Frederick Douglas.
  • In need of sponge/transition activities for your students and don't know what to do or what to read to fill the time.
A Church Leader
  • Wanting your newsletter to be read by more congregants.
  • Looking to add Black History trivia to your bulletins for people to enjoy.
  • Seeking to educate the youth in your congregation about Black History.
  • Helping to empower your congregants about their own history.
A History Lover or Researcher
  • Gathering information for a future project on Black Inventors.
  • Seeking more knowledge on Black Women Inventors and Famous Black Inventors.
  • Looking to challenge yourself with African American Inventors trivia.
  • Looking for materials needed to effectively understand the Black inventor as a national phenomenon.
  • Want to facilitate both African American and non-African American students to develop an appreciation for a culture full of important contributions.
  • Inspiration to have an opportunity to use problem-solving skills and the specific knowledge regarding technology, as inspired by this book on black inventors.

Why do you need the
Ultimate Guides to Black Inventors?

Reason #1: You get more than you expected!

  • You will have biographies for some of the most famous African American in history
  • You will learn about how many of the American Black Inventors impacted our world in areas such as science, medicine, and farming
  • You will be able to read about Black Inventors such as:
    • Elijah McCoyDr. Patricia E. Bath
    • Granville Woods
    • Lewis Latimer
    • Garret Morgan
    • Dr. Charles Richard Drew
    • Many, many more!!!

The Ultimate Guide to
The Top 25 African American Inventors



Find out who the 25 most influential Black Inventors are in our nation’s history! While many books will highlight the top 10 Black Inventors of all time, this book expands those lists and have found the best of the best in their respective fields. There’s no other book that offers such a comprehensive list of black inventors and their inventions!

A $24.95 Value!

Why do you need the
Ultimate Guides to Black Inventors?

Reason #2: The first ever African American Inventors Trivia Guide!


This is the most comprehensive Trivia Guide of its kind!

There are more than 100 multiple choice and true/false questions to test your knowledge on many black history facts relating to famous Black inventors and their inventions. You will also find word searches as well as matching questions that promise to keep you going for hours on end.

The Ultimate Guide to
Black Inventors Trivia Guide

Test Your Knowledge on Black Inventors and their Inventions


If you want a creative way to teach black history trivia for African American inventors, if you need test/quiz questions right at your fingertips, then look no further because this book has everything that you need all in one easy to reach place!

A $19.95 Value!

Reason #3: Bonus Materials!

This book is truly one of the first of its kind. It features some of the most outstanding Black Female Inventors of record. It promises to highlight the first African American female patent holder, famous Black female inventors, Black female scientists, doctors, and much more!

The Ultimate Guide to:
Black Women Inventors

See who is really believed to be the first black female millionaire...you might be surprised at the answer!

  • Some of the highlighted African American female inventors include:
    • Sarah Boone
    • Madam CJ Walker
    • Alice Parker
    • Sarah E. Goode
    • Annie Turnbone Malone
    • And many, many more!!!

A $17.95 Value

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Wishing you tremendous success,
Dr. T

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